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AG: Verizon breaking law in effort to end some land line service

  Some 136 years after the creation of the first telephone exchange, Verizon is embarked on a long good bye to traditional land line telephone service. New York’s attorney general today filed an emergency complaint with the Public Service Commission … Continue reading

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Con Ed mishandling of Sandy response drew CEO’s ire, says Cuomo-appointed commission

  Among the New Yorkers frustrated with Con Ed’s performance after Hurricane Sandy struck on Oct. 30 was company CEO Kevin Burke, who expressed “ire” at a key aspect of the recovery effort, a state commission studying utility companies’ storm … Continue reading

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Customers poorly represented in New York utility price hike cases

  When Con Ed and other utility companies go to the state for rate increases, average-Joe ratepayers are treated like little children at a big family’s Thanksgiving dinner. They’re stuck at a small table away from the turkey and dressing, … Continue reading

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Deregulation disaster I: Con Ed prices higher under state policy meant to save consumers money

  You need a boat or a sled dog to visit places in the US where electricity costs more than what Con Ed charges. Con Ed’s retail prices have long been the highest of any major US utility company. Alaskan … Continue reading

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PSC says National Grid gas customers in Brooklyn paid too much

  National Grid’s 980,000 natural gas customers in Brooklyn were overcharged by $34 or so each during 2010 and 2011, documents filed with the state Public Service Commission show. Worried that the company would continue to charge high prices, the … Continue reading

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City cites flood threat to power plants

  If you thought Hurricane Sandy was a horror show, you’ll be scared witless by the nightmare scenario outlined in a city report released today. About 80 percent of New York City’s power comes from generating plants within the five … Continue reading

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Coming to this space …

  New York Power and Light is a news blog about public utilities serving the New York area, including Con Ed, phone companies and Internet services. It focuses on pocketbook issues and reports on how the utilities are regulated by … Continue reading

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