About NYP&L

A few words from blog editor Bill Sanderson:

New York Power and Light reports on public utility issues affecting all New Yorkers — including high costs and quality of service. It focuses on how the city, state and federal governments regulate Con Ed, Verizon and other utility and communications providers.

I’m a former reporter at the New York Post, and spent 32 years as a daily newspaper journalist. Utilities were one of my specialties at The Post, and I also dove into the topic from time to time when I worked years ago in New Jersey and New Hampshire.

The blog will be based as much as possible on my original reporting, and will include links to documents and other journalism. If you see any mistakes or want to educate me and NYP&L’s readers about the utility business or your own problems dealing with utility companies, drop me an e-mail at wpsanderson@gmail.com, or speak up in the comments section.

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