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Con Ed

Con Ed Newsroom

Con Ed outage map — very cool

National Grid Brooklyn gas

New York’s Utility Project — closely follows issues across the state, focused on low-income people

Stop the Cap! — good site on broadband issues

New York Public Service Commission

Check out the PSC’s Reforming the Energy Vision project

New York Independent System Operator — this outfit runs the state’s power grid

New York State Energy Research and Development Authority

PV Watts calculator — Interested in home solar? This calculator from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory is easy to use and shows you whether it’s worth pursuing.

Verizon Blogs

Verizon Public Policy blog

Utility Player — old NY Times blog about utilities. Last updated in 2009.

Some of my other journalism about public utilities:

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Soon everyone will be an electric utility — MarketWatch.com

If more people go solar, what will happen to the grid? — MarketWatch.com

Six things you don’t know about your electric bill — MarketWatch.com

Solar panels gain momentum in ConEd territory — Wall Street Journal [behind paywall]

The Public Service Commission’s big Comcast moment — Capital New York

Cuomo administration leaves cable customers on hold — Capital New York

Copper phone lines eliminated in the Rockaways — Wall Street Journal [behind paywall]

New York faces test on electricity prices — Capital New York

The noodge behind Con Ed’s voltage detection program — Capital New York

Worst-case recalibration: Feds examine Indian Point quake safety — Capital New York